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Atha Ruja Poderi – Cannonau e Vini Tipici Dorgali


37,00 i.i.

Refined selection of the main native Sardinian vines grown in our own vineyards: Cannonau, Carignano and Bovale Sardo (ancient Sardinian vine). The blend enhances the aromatic profile of the grapes, giving the wine a marked complexity. After a slow fermentation on the skins, carried out in small steel containers for a period of about 20 days, it is raised in French oak barriques for a period of 3 years followed by an important refinement in the bottle lying down for at least 1 year (necessary to express the wide and intense bouquet of perfumes).

HORECA and foreign buyers


Unfiltered wine, with an important structure, which goes well with the most exclusive and refined dishes based on game, succulent red meats and mature cheeses with great structure and flavor.

Shipping notes

Pack of 6 bottles of 750ml. Also sold in assorted / mixed packaging.